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About Us

ANBC is one the most leading companies in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen. It's specialized in general Trading, Contracting, and Industry with a strong involvement in supplying private and public projects in several fields.
The most Business activities is importing ,exporting & industries .It supplies both market needs and Public /private fields .It supplies most of Telecom, Electricity ,Agriculture , transportation , Food stuff , building industries/products and others.

Through all its activities, ANBC has been able to establish a very good relationship with the private and public directions and the local market as well as being able to gain the trust of international companies, which are at the same time being represented by ANBC in Yemen.
After a hard-work and thorough a long experience of projects implementation and marketing, ANBC as a professional company was established to handle such a broad spectrum of work.
By so doing, the company has set up an accurate database of the potentiality and future prospects of such activities. Not only that but also ANBC is founded to specialize in trade, study, commissioning and consultation of the same.

Our Policy

To expand our activities in Yemen by opening new offices for new products throughout the country and follow a successful local strategy to secure business opportunities and create new and long-term business relations with customers.
To maintain the company's reputation in the market through offering on overall and complete range of products, solutions & services, taking into account the latest changes in the global industry.
This policy will enable us become a favorite source and a turnkey provider for our valued customers.

ANBC seeks partnership with international companies and do business with them in Yemen.